Installation (Docker Compose)#

As an alternative to installing directly on a system, BYCEPS can be run from Docker containers, orchestrated by Docker compose.

First, create the services (build images, create volumes, etc.). This might take a few minutes.

$ docker-compose up --no-start

Then generate a secret key and put it in a file Docker Compose is configured to pick up as a secret:

$ docker-compose run --rm byceps-admin byceps generate-secret-key > ./secret_key.txt

Now create and initially populate the relational database structure:

$ docker-compose run --rm byceps-admin byceps initialize-database

Optionally, insert demonstration data to get a feel for how BYCEPS set up with a party, a party site, etc. looks like:

$ docker-compose run --rm byceps-admin byceps create-demo-data

To spin up the application:

$ docker-compose up

The admin frontend should now be available at http://localhost:8081/. Log in with user DemoAdmin and password demodemo.

The “CozyLAN” party site should be accessible at http://localhost:8082/. (If you logged in to the admin frontend just before, you might be logged in already as user DemoAdmin.)