BYCEPS’ seating model was designed to be flexible enough to fit both small parties (say, less than a hundred seats in a single hall) as well as big ones (like Northern LAN Convention – NorthCon – with around 3.500 seats).



Relations between entities

Each seat references these two entities:

  • An area represents the physical location of a group of seats.

  • A category is meant to separate seats in different price ranges from each another.

    Since a ticket is bound to a category, a user with a ticket from category X cannot reserve a seat that belongs to category Y.

Each area and category belongs to a specific party since each seating setup often is party-specific (even if multiple parties are held in the same location).

Example: Small Party

A small party may take place in a single room or hall, and no distinction is made between the seats in it. Thus, a single area as well as a single category are sufficient, so every seat belongs to the same area and the same category.


Small party example

Example: Big Party

This is a setup for a party that is held in multiple halls and which offers seats in multiple price (and feature) ranges.


Big party example