BYCEPS distinguishes four scopes:


Nesting of scopes#

Each entity belongs to exactly one of these scopes.


The global scope is the outermost one.

Entities that belong to the global scope include:

  • users

  • roles and permissions

  • user badges

  • brands

  • global snippets


A brand is the identity of a series of parties.

Each brand is part of the global scope.

Entities that belong to the brand scope include:

  • email settings

  • orga flags

  • parties

  • sites

  • news channels

  • boards

  • brand-specific snippets

  • terms of service versions


The party scope is for entities that belong to a single party (and are not better situated in the site scope).

Each party belongs to a brand.

Entities that belong to the party scope include:

  • orga teams

  • shops

  • tickets

  • seating areas


The site scope is for entities and settings that belong to a specific website.

Each site belongs to a brand.

Entities that belong to the site scope include:

  • server name

  • pages

  • navigation

  • site-specific snippets

  • choice of

    • news channels

    • forum

    • storefront

    • party

  • status of

    • user registration

    • user login