Prepare PostgreSQLΒΆ

There should already be a system user, likely postgres.

Become root:

$ su
<enter root password>

Switch to the postgres user:

# su postgres

Create a database user named byceps:

postgres@host$ createuser --echo --pwprompt byceps

You should be prompted to enter a password. Do that.

In your BYCEPS configuration file, replace the example password in the value of SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI with the one you just entered.

Create a schema, also named byceps:

postgres@host$ createdb --encoding=UTF8 --template=template0 --owner byceps byceps

To run the tests (optional), a dedicated user and database have to be created:

postgres@host$ createuser --echo --pwprompt byceps_test
postgres@host$ createdb --encoding=UTF8 --template=template0 --owner byceps_test byceps_test

Connect to the database:

$ psql

Load the pgcrypto extension (only necessary on PostgreSQL versions before 13):

postgres=# CREATE EXTENSION pgcrypto;

Ensure that the function gen_random_uuid() is available now:

postgres=# select gen_random_uuid();

Expected result (the actual UUID hopefully is different!):

(1 row)